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"I have been working with Debbie at Life Path Consulting for a couple of months now. We immediately clicked and made progress in the first week or two. I felt comfortable and at ease with her. She was so supportive, compassionate, and understanding. She was flexible and willing to tailor her services to meet my needs and gave me the energy and focus to move forward. I'm now in more control of the ups and downs that come my way and I've been able to re-ignite my passion for playing music and finding peace and fellowship in daily activities. If you are feeling stuck and have been searching for a unique way to 'step out of the box,' then working with Debbie O'Keefe is your solution. "
"I have tried so many different things over the years! Nothing came close to the experience I had with working with Debbie O'Keefe! She has a way of relating with people that I have never seen before! I never felt judged and my sessions were so much fun! Her humor and kind nature made me feel so comfortable and I looked forward to our calls! I wasn't sure if a life coach was for me, but after working with Mrs. O'Keefe, I'm sure I made the best decision of my life! Thank you so much for everything you did! My life is forever changed, and thanks to you, for the better! "
"If I had to use one word to describe Mrs. O' Keefe I would say she is a BLESSING! I say this because I believe we meet people for all different reasons. In my case, Mrs. O' Keefe was my blessing that came into my family's life. She changed my sons' lives for the better, and as a family, we will always be thankful for Mrs. O' Keefe. Mrs. O' Keefe is an inspiration and a blessing. I will always be grateful for Mrs. O' Keefe helping my sons succeed in life and for all she has done for our family!"
"I picked what I thought was a simple topic for my first session with Debbie and was surprised at how it lead to opening up some hugely important topics for me. We worked through them one by one, and by the end I felt that I’d found out more about myself and had a clear idea about how to bring these new insights into my daily life. We also made good strides toward neutralizing some longstanding and deeply challenging beliefs.
Debbie was fantastic, I felt safe and held the whole session, and what a powerful session it was! I'm blown away. I highly recommend working with Debbie.
Thank You Debbie!" 

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